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It is obvious that this challenging hard job definitely requires strict application of health and safety regulation or in order words IDC's performance is a reliable optimization of HS/ Environmental application and production.

IDC is dedicated to observing the requirements of health and safety regulation and codes of practice, the prevent and control to mitigating hazards and exposures that may result in personal injury,economic losses and environmental damage.We believe everything in this endless and detailed subject initally starts from reasonably and/or properly settled HS mentality that has to be injected to all our employees' opinions for working and for living.For this purpose we are following Health and Safety programs on communication,respectful work place,critical task analysis and observation,workplace inspection,personnel protective equipment,accident inveestigation and on early/safe return to work.While following these programs and starting from Quick Emergency Response procedures we are committed to give training on below(not limited) critical procedures to all our employees.


- Procedure on employees responsibilities
- Procedure on prevention of alcohol and stimulants abuse
- Procedure on drilling site,environment and local life inspection.
- Procedure on site preparation
- Procedure on loading- unloading
- Procedure on crane operation.
- Procedure on rig and equipment inspection.
- Procedure on the usage of pipe wrenches and other tools.
- Procedure on electrical equipment and hot work.
- Procedure on fall arresters and emergency stop.
- Procedure on working on drill mast
- Procedure on lock out-tag out.
- Procedure on right to refuse.
- Procedure on moving around a diamond drill.
- Procedure on moving around a RC drill.
- Procedure on rig and auxiliary set up.
- Procedure on anchoring the rig.
- Procedure on handling,adding and pulling core drill rods.
- Procedure on handling,adding and pulling RC drill rods.
- Procedure on recovering inner tube and removal of core from inner tube/split tube.
- Procedure on reaming and casing.
- Procedure on breaking down drill rods and casings.
- Procedure on breaking out drive subs.
- Procedure on confined space entry.
- Procedure on down hole logging.
- Procedure on hazardous material spill prevention.
- Procedure on working under hard weather(lighting,tornados,cold weather,etc.) conditions
- Procedure on maintenance of field equipment.
- Procedure on waste management.

**** Procuders can be subject to revisions upon to the conditions.

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